COUNT’s Sustainability Lab

COUNT’s Sustainability Lab is an intradepartmental collaboration for sustainability improvement. This way, all employees at COUNT are involved in our journey to the sustainable future.

Research Desk

Our research desk is actively gathering information on sustainability developments in the industry, as well as on how we can optimize our activities to avoid or reduce the carbon footprint of our customers.

Communication & Culture Desk

Our Communication and Culture Desk organizes internal trainings to ensure that all employees are knowledgeable regarding sustainability in our industry. It is also through our communication channels that we keep stakeholders informed about our initiatives and other market updates.

Commercial Desk

The Commercial Desk put the Research Desk’s findings into practice on our business model. After finding out what we can do to make our activities more sustainable, the Commercial Desk executes it, ensuring we combine profit with sustainability.

ESG Desk

COUNT measures sustainability according to the ESG framework. Thus, this desk engages all departments to support our sustainability-related initiatives, allowing us to improve our environmental, social and governance performances. Here is how ESG is part of our daily activities:


We achieved CO2 neutrality in our internal operations in 2018, 2019, and 2020 by calculating and offsetting the amount of CO2 we produced. COUNT is able to offer petrochemical products with a smaller carbon footprint by including VER credits.

By facilitating pyrolysis oils, we support technologies that turn plastic waste into a renewable feedstock. In this way, we move the plastic market closer towards a circular economy.


In the fourth quarter of 2020, COUNT established a charity desk to contribute to the local community. COUNT cooperates with the charity Vrienden van Sophia at the Erasmus MC Sophia Children’s Hospital. This is the largest academic children’s hospital in the Netherlands, with a focus on conducting scientific research aimed at improving treatment methods.

We give our employees the opportunity to work on their personal and professional development at COUNT by organising training sessions and workshops every few months.


COUNT adheres to a code of conduct to guarantee the reliability and responsibility of business operations. You can read our Code of Business Ethics and Conduct here.

COUNT also ensures to partner with suppliers that will adhere to a Supplier Code of Conduct. You can read our Supplier Code of Conduct here.

At COUNT, we ensure diversity within our team. Our employees have different nationalities, educational backgrounds, expertise, and ages.


EcoVadis 2022 Gold by COUNT Energy Trading

We have been awarded an EcoVadis GOLD medal

EcoVadis is an independent rating agency that assesses companies on their sustainability practices. It analyses the non-financial aspects of a business, certifying how sustainable a company is. In April 2022, we completed the assessment by EcoVadis, being awarded with a Gold Medal. This rank puts us among the top 2% of most sustainable companies within our industry!

Despite the already high score, we believe our duty remains to keep working to assist our customers and our industry on the journey to a sustainable future!