At COUNT we facilitate our partners in the energy and renewables sectors. Our goal is to be trustworthy facilitators and to bring sustainability to a predominately unsustainable market.

These goals cannot be reached without a diverse team of dedicated experts and trainees.

COUNT internship programme

Are you a student or a graduate looking for experience in a sustainable enterprise? Then the COUNT internship programme is for you!

At COUNT we want to ensure diversity among our employees. We are therefore looking for people from all demographics and educational backgrounds.

work plan meeting brainstorm

Be part of the
sustainable transition

At COUNT we want to ensure the world acts in favour of social and environmental issues.
But sustainability is a relatively new movement in our industry, which is why we need the youngest generation of interns to help us understand the latest trends.

And YOU might be the person we need!

How can you help us?

You will join our enthusiastic team of interns to work on projects of your choice:


Market research
and data analysis

Social media

Our past interns’ feedback

I am happy to be part of the team that made COUNT more sustainable. I’m proud to have turned vague ideas into concrete plans.

Nationality: Portuguese
Study: Economics

I am proud of the small projects I took on that made me an “expert” on certain topics. In the beginning, I knew nothing at all about certain things, in the end, questions around these topics were asked from me.

Nationality: Hungarian/Dutch
Study: Econometrics

At COUNT I learned how to formulate the right questions around professionals to gain a better understanding of Sustainable Energy.

Nationality: Finnish/USA
Study: Arts and culture

I really enjoyed the creative freedom I had at COUNT and the fact that I was able to express my opinion on anything we did.

Nationality: Russian/USA
Study: Communication and media

Frequently asked questions

By no means! Our interns never do the “coffee-serving” job. Every employee participates in the operations of the company and brings their own initiatives!

Our internship program is flexible and combinable with the studies you might have. However, we do prefer our interns to be present at least 4 days a week.

Interns are free to work from home if they need to. However, we strongly recommend being in the office at least one to two times a week.

Yes. We believe our employees must be rewarded for their efforts. Interns receive a monthly salary of 400EUR + potential bonuses.

Of course! Very few of our interns had experience related to energy or renewables trading before entering COUNT, yet all of them integrated well! Upon joining us you will be trained by the other interns of your generation to ensure a smooth transition.

COUNT is inclusive of anyone who wants to be part of our transition towards the sustainable future. The majority of our interns are Non-Dutch speakers and many of us are Non-Europeans. The internship will be fully in English.